K.K.'s No.2 - Odo na Abusua,Essiebons Enterprises Limited 1976 MP3/Flac



You know, mostly when I tell you something about the LP that

I'm posting, I get the information from the internet. To be honest

I often don't know sh*t about it. I am no specialist in any genre,

and just believe my own damn ears, that's all. Let's turn things

around for a while, I post the music and info from the album that I

just like and you provide us with decent background information.

How's that for a change ? For instance, I only suggest that the

words written under the titles ( backsleeve, in capital ) are titles too.

They might aswell not be. Can you clear up this matter for starters ?


1 Medley

- Yene me nka

- Mewu a na mobesu me

- Abusua ne wo ara

- Papa ma me bi nni

- Obra ye bona

2 Medley

- Mfa nhye obi

- Kasekenken

- Wo begyaa me

- Odo bra