Home Service- Discography MP3/Flac

Hey kids, I'm back! Got a few treats lined up over the next few days, but first we have the entire discography from UK band Home Service.

There's an unfortunate discrepancy in the band's discogs bio, which claims they have roots in the UK folk rock scene, but I believe there may have been more than one band masquerading with that name. However, a little digging has revealed that this particular project consists of only two members, David Motion and David Fraser. Many may be more familiar with David Motion's work as both a film/jingle composer and the producer for Strawberry Switchblade from 1984-1991. Behind the scenes, he was responsible for some of the band's best tracks, including "Since Yesterday" and "Little River."

That said, Home Service's own music was a bit of a curious anomaly in the new wave spectrum. The band mostly toys with a more quirky sound, seen more famously in bands like Units and Devo, but instead featuring a more detached and minimal approach. Their first two singles were released on Motion's own Crystal Groove records, while their final 12'' was picked up by Situation Two/Beggar's Banquet. There's a definite progression in style between the three singles (starting with more guitars and changing over to a mostly synth-based sound), all unified by the band's unique voice. My favorite of the lot is easily "Only Men Fall In Love," an uptempo track that you can still hear in the occasional club to date.

Here's the breakdown.


Home Service- Wake-Up! 7'' (1979)
1. Wake-Up!
2. Foreplay
3. Automatic Daydream


Home Service- Thin Hours 7'' (1980)
1. Thin Hours
2. The New Age Elite Corps


Home Service- Only Men Fall In Love 12'' (1981)
1. Only Men Fall In Love
2. O.M.F.I.L.
3. Only Men Fall In Love (Special Club Version)

*download it all here*

For curious parties, check out a lengthy interview with David Motion here!