This Is : Big Audio Dynamite (1985) MP3/Flac


1. Medicine Show
2. Sony
3. E=MC2
4. The Bottom Line
5. A Party
6. Sudden Impact!
7. Stone Thames
8. Bad

Former Clash member Mick Jones surprised all doubters with this auspicious debut. For starters, instead of going entirely solo, Jones immersed himself in another band, one that reveled in a multi-racial blend of musical styles. THIS IS BIG AUDIO DYNAMITE is a seminal ground-breaker for its pastiche of movie and song samples, rock guitars, and pre-techno beats; its genre-mixing ethic helped pave the way for '90s artists such as Moby. Opening with the thrilling "Medicine Show", a laundry list of ridiculous cure-alls and remedies interspersed with dialogue and music samples from the film THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY, Jones clearly raises the bar from his final Clash moments. For a guy who once had aspirationsfor glam rock, Jones takes a thrillingly innovative step toward the future with THIS IS BIG AUDIO DYNAMITE.

Do not sleep on this, its one of my all time favorite Albums .