Horse Stories - November November (Limited Edition) (2010) (Indie) (Rapidshare) MP3/Flac

01. Hummingbird (Well Be Okay) 3:26
02. To The Light 3:24
03. Standing In The Snow 3:38
04. Hole In The Head 4:11
05. Telephone Message (November) 2:02
06. To Anyone 2:47
07. The Weight (with apologies to 2:54
The Band)
08. Believer 4:07
09. Rockinghorse 2:52
10. The TV 3:59

I believe theres always a moment when you are about to embark on a journey or a
trip, or when you sit down to watch a movie or listen to an album when you
realize whether or not you will like what you are about to get involved with.
Right around 61 seconds is when Horse Stories let me know I was in for a treat.

With the entrance of an almost celestial chorus is what hooked and grabbed me.
The first song gently pushes forward in very obvious gestures but in no ways
detracting from the mood. Its enjoyable to feel it unfold step by step and
shudder into the second and third tracks with their deep reverb electric guitar
tones to give a depth to the plucking of the acoustic melody. The album doesnt
throw any curve balls but is rather typically fitted for the modern pop-folk
movement with each song comprised of similar if not the exact same elements.
Gentle swells of distant guitar distortion, simple and rare moments of piano to
remind you its there, violins on slow songs, warm organ tones or brass to back
up and support empty spaces, drums trudging along often accompanied by a shaker
if there is any percussion at all.

This album isnt anything really mind-blowing or new, but it is a good album.
Its better than most albums made and deserves to be recognized as a lovely
production. In many ways, you might as well ask Jeff Tweedy and Mark Kozelek to
do a project together and call it Horse Stories. Which wouldnt be a bad combo
and neither is Horse Stories.