Adam Arcuragi - I Am Become Joy (2010) (Indie) (Rapidshare) MP3/Flac

01. She Comes To Me 4:36
02. Math 4:50
03. People And Private Music 4:13
04. Almost Always 4:02
05. Go With Them 5:54
06. We Steal Peoples Medicine 4:15
07. The Ones That Bring The Morning 3:21
08. Her Festival Song 1:51
09. The Long Route 38 5:19
10. Lunch In Field Four 3:53
11. Bottom Of The River 5:58

The album cover declares The Lupine Chorale Society under the direction of Adam
Arcuragi accompanying himself on guitar with voice present to you with song and
singing I am Become Joy. That willfully anachronistic (and ungrammatical)
description perfectly sets up the mood of the album: nostalgic, wistful, and
painstakingly produced. I Am Become Joy, the second album by
singer/songwriter/playwright/poet Adam Arcuragi, follows three years after his
untitled debut. Arcuragi is a Southerner by way of Pennsylvania, and his
Southern twang is still evident in his voice, the songs he writes, and the
instrumentation he uses.

The Lupine Chorale Society in the title is a brotherhood of like-minded
musicians from all over the country that Adam has played and recorded with. Most
of the songs were recorded live, and the tracks feel warm and organic because of
it. There is a tendency in singer-songwriters towards isolation and
self-indulgence, and the camaraderie between Adam and his fellow musicians is
the secret ingredient of the album. Or one of the secret ingredients: the
production is the star here, outshining even Adam himself. All of the songs are
lovingly constructed and recorded, and the resulting sound is intimate and

The album opens with She Comes to Me, which mixes folk, gospel, and country.
It is lushly produced, with pedal steel, trumpets, and acoustic guitars mixing
with Arcuragis tender and lightly drawled voice and a chorus of background
singers. There is a sadness and joy to the song, reinforced by the lyrics. The
strongest tracks on I Am Become Joy follow the template of She Comes To Me,
mixing a variety of voices, instruments, and styles. The combination of the
production, songwriting, and Arcuragis voice are reminiscent of Andrew Bird,
another singer/songwriter who has one foot in the past and one in the present