The Puppets- The Way of Life 12'' MP3/Flac

Here's a pretty killer dance/disco 12'', released in 1983. The Puppets were a New York/Long Island based dance group, who earned quite a bit of airplay from their lone 12'' single. The 12'' was released on Quality Records, a Canadian label, and came with generic brown sleeve. You can still find this one kicking around certain record stores if you have the patience to sift through coverless singles. Worth the time!

Rumor has it that The Puppets disbanded while recording a follow up full-length. Would love to hear any unreleased material!

Here's the breakdown for the single:


The Puppets- The Way of Life 12''
1. The Way of Life (Dance Mix)
2. The Way of Life (Vocal)
3. The Way of Life (Instrumental)

*download it here*

On a separate note, I've re-ripped the first Choir Invisible album, as I've found a second, and far less scratched copy. If you dug it before, check it out again, cleaner and brighter!