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Belaboris- ...Olipa Kerran 12''

Belaboris- ...Olipa Kerran 12''

Blues , Love, Latino
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I've had this one kicking around for a while, but never paid too much attention to it aside from "Monsterbaari." Total oversight on my part here, for this entire 12'' is solid. What we have here is eight tracks of ALL-female minimal synth, hailing from Finland. This mini-LP, released in 1984, collects the band's singles to date, including the Kuolleet Peilit 12'' (1982) and the Odotus 7'' (1983).

Astute readers might notice that the band's name derives from two of horror's biggest names, Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi. Vocalist Minna Soisalo was also well known for her roll in Klaani, a large film in the band's homeland. Belaboris would release one final 7'' before splitting, a cover of 60's Scandinavian hit 'Rakkauden Jälkeen,' which can you nab from the excellent bx-59cppw blog. This should complete their discography!

Belaboris- ...Olipa Kerran 12''
1. Kuolleet Peilit
2. Yö Vanhassa Talossa
3. Odotus
4. Kolme Askelta
5. Monsteribaari
6. Mitä Lapsille Tapahtui
7. Babypop*
8. Venus

*Serge Gainsbourg/France Gall cover!

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The album code is : ODI163731

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