Oberkampf- Linda 7'' MP3/Flac

Just played this track at Wierd last night and got a few responses, so tossing it up as a favor to those interested attendees. Classic French coldwave contained within, released in 1983. It's one of the band's earliest releases, preceding a handful of LPs before their inevitable split in 1985.

According to a few sources, the band was generally known for their anti-nationalist politics, oftentimes burning the French flag during live performances. As of 2000, the band has reformed, and released an LP in 2003. I believe they're still together to date, but not sure, as their official website (http://www.oberkampf.net/) won't load for me... With that in mind, here's the information for this killer 7''.


Oberkampf- Linda 7''
1. Linda
2. IrrГ©elle

*download it here*