fripp's trips MP3/Flac

altRobert Fripp - God Save The Queen / Under Heavy Manners
LP Polydor [2311 005] (1980)

Bass - Buster Jones
Drums - Paul Duskin
Engineer - Ed Sprigg
Producer, Composer, Guitars, Electronics [Frippertronics], Artwork by [Sleeve Concept] - Robert Fripp
Vocals - Absalm El Habib, David Byrne

The Frippertronics loop for B1 is the first piece performed at Calgary Planetarium, August 8th 1979. The Frippertronics for B2 is the second piece, first house, at Madame Wong's, Los Angeles, July 25th 1979. Buster Jones and Paul Duskin played alongside these loops in September and Absalm El Habib gave voice during December 1979.
The solo guitar part to "Signified" is manual repetition in comparison with technological repetition of the Frippertronics and is the complete second take. The first take broke down after 6 1/2 minutes.

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