Blue Northern - Blue Northern [1981, Vinyl] MP3/Flac

The core of the group at first was centered around bassist Lee Roy Stephens, fiddler-singer Garry Comeau, steel guitar/ keyboard-man Jimmy Wilson, and drummer Brady Gustafson. By late 1978 guitarist Ray O'Toole had joined the group, who were now getting a lot of attention from the media. A new arrival (from the USA) became a fan, and began sitting in on a regular basis, and he too became a member of Blue Northern. His name is Billy Cowsill, from The Cowsill family band in the late 1960's ("Hair", "Indian Lake" "The Rain, The Park, & Other Things" and all that, proto Partridge Family). He was a perfect fit.
The group recorded a few tracks at Don Tarris' Buttertree Studio, in Richmond, and released 4 songs on a 12" blue vinyl EP in 1980, complete with a blue-tinted cover. Two of the songs were by Ray O'Toole, and two were by Billy Cowsill. The radio picked Ray's "Can't Make No Sense" as the one to play, and the group had a national hit on it's hand. Polydor Records scooped up the band, and sent them back into the studio while a second single was released. It was Ray's "Too Late To Turn Back", a song he had done when he was a member of Shakedown a couple of years or so earlier. It too was a hit. The group toured, and played concerts in halls like the Orpheum Theatre in Vancouver and other similar halls across Canada. The group did some TV show (this was before MTV) Polydor released the self-titled album in early 1981, and a couple of more singles followed. Both were O'Toole's songs, and both were hits. []

Track list;
Blue Northern - [01] You're Not the Same Girl. 3:24
Blue Northern - [02] You Got Me Where You Want Me. 3:13
Blue Northern - [03] Too Late to Turn Back. 3:13
Blue Northern - [04] Be My Girl. 3:32
Blue Northern - [05] One Hundred Percent. 4:07
Blue Northern - [06] Can't Stop. 3:05
Blue Northern - [07] Can't Make No Sense. 3:58
Blue Northern - [08] Vagabond. 4:09
Blue Northern - [09] Blue You. 3:39
Blue Northern - [10] Fais Deaux Deaux (Message to Rags). 2:37
Blue Northern - [11] Dance Dance Dance. 3:29

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