Aapo Heinonen: A Daydream Between Nightmares (2010) MP3/Flac

A very fine debut of jazz pianist Aapo Heinonen and his Quintet. Nine brand new songs written by Aapo himself takes this group straight into the first class in Finnish jazz-scene. Instrumental jazz with acoustic piano and some tasteful rhodes make a combination sometimes spiritually harmonic and soon behind the corner a handful of sparkling and youthful riffs and grooves makes you want to hear more. Although there are many twisting sections in many songs, at least one part of the tunes are composed mainly on the lookout for improvisation. Influences can be heard from the 80's fusion jazz, modal mainstream and free jazz as well. This really is music that offers rewarding experiences for both jazzfans and ordinary people.
01. Delusional Escape (08:05)
02. Ragstore (07:05)
03. Gambling With Affairs (07:02)
04. A Daydream Between Nightmares (06:48)
05. After The Funeral (07:23)
06. Trick Or Trap (07:31)
07. Snow In July (10:23)
08. Higher Glomp (08:57)
09. My 2nd Best Friend (07:18)
A Daydream Between Nightmaresalt
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