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The Real Group is a professional a cappella group from Sweden, consisting of five members: soprano Emma Nilsdotter, alto Katarina Henryson, tenor Anders Edenroth, baritone Peder Karlsson, and bass Anders JalkГ©us. The group's members compose or arrange most of the songs that they perform. A large portion of the group's recorded songs are sung in English, with the remainder being almost entirely in Swedish.
The group cites Bobby McFerrin as an early source of inspiration: "What we do may never have happened if we hadn't heard his [albums]."
The Real Group has performed in more than 2000 concerts worldwide. Nonetheless, the group does not tour often in the United States; to avoid extended absence from their families, the group has a policy not to take tours lasting longer than one week, and tour-booking management agencies in the US don't generally accept such relatively short tour lengths. In 2002 The Real Group performed at the opening ceremony of The FIFA World Cup in Seoul. They performed live to the audience of 60,000. On December 22, 1993, to commemorate the fiftieth birthday of Queen Silvia of Sweden, The Real Group backed up former ABBA member Anni-Frid Lyngstad in a performance of the ABBA hit "Dancing Queen", using an a cappella arrangement that would later be released on the album "Varför får man inte bara vara som man är".
01 - Bumble Bee (3:30)
02 - Pass Me The Jazz (3:31)
03 - A Lifetime Takes A Lifetime To Fullfill (3:25)
04 - Nostalgia World (3:54)
05 - Lay It In My Hand (4:31)
06 - A Minute On Your Lips (4:02)
07 - The Modern Man (4:30)
08 - The Window That Leads To Your World (4:12)
09 - A Little Kindness (3:12)
10 - Anna's Song (4:21)
11 - Flying High (3:06)
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