John Blackwell Project: 4ever Jia (2010) MP3/Flac

John Blackwell Project came together after the 2008 Buddy Rich Memorial Concert to create a stellar album with a truly unique and varied collection of innovative fusion tunes, the basic tracks for 4ever Jia were recorded at DrumChannel in Oxnard, California. The album's influences are drawn from Funk, Fusion and Jazz, something for everyone and some tunes that will have you singing in no time.
An incredible band consisting of four core talents: John (a world-class groove master and drummer with Prince, and many other top performers) Corey Bernhard (keys - you may have seen him on John's Master class Hudson DVD), Paul Pesco (guitar - Madonna, J-Lo, Hall & Oates, Mary J., Alicia Keyes and many others) and Will Lee (bass - everyone, and I mean everyone, but most know him from Dave Letterman). There are multiple guest musicians on the album including Charlie Singleton (Cameo), David Garfield, David Mann (Tower of Power), Luis Conte, Esperanza Spalding, Michael Landau and many others.
01. Hyper-Formants (4:35)
02. Amazing (4:40)
03. Jeremiah's Sleepy Night (6:54)
04. No Ordinary Day (5:49)
05. Blackhouse (4:13)
06. Mind Of J (5:57)
07. You're The One (4:59)
08. Sexual Harassment (5:30)
09. Jada (5:10)
10. Jaiven (6:51)
11. You Asked For It (5:30)
John Blackwell - DRUMS
Paul Pesco - GUITAR
Corey Bernhard - KEYS
Will Lee - BASS
4ever Jiaalt
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