Fridrik Karlsson: Point Blank (1991) MP3/Flac

Fridrik Karlsson was born in Iceland and moved to England in 1996. He started playing guitar when he was 16 years old. He got a degree in classical and jazz/rock guitar. He's most well known for his work with Mezzoforte who had a worldwide hit back in 1983 with "Gardenparty".
01. Road To Salso
02. Back To Basics
03. Cloud 30
04. Night Breeze
05. Sin Ti
06. Point Blank
07. Morning Mist
08. Savannah Colada
09. Dream Forrest
10. Odds And Events
Fridrik Karlsson - guitar
Johann Asmudsson - bass
Gunnlaugur Briem - drums
Jeroen de Rijk - percussion
Eypor Gunnarsson - keyboards
Danny Gottlieb - drums
Manolo Badrena - percussion
Mark Egan - bass
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