Rain Sultanov: Mugham-Megham (1999) MP3/Flac

In November/December 1999 Rain Sultanov recorded the solo album named ;. It presents compositions in folk-jazz stule, and its name shows that Rain used various directions of mugham and mixed them with jazz style. Mugham is the root of Azerbaijan music and it is the part of ancient historical culture. The word megham means time and because of that it is actual in any time. It can be combined with the harmony of jazz and various improvisations very well. Two compositions of "Mugham-Megham" album were presented at multimedia program in Shirvanshakhs palace successfully. And for the performance of one of the compositions from "Mugham-Megham" album Rain Sultanov as one of the best performers was awarded by the Raf-line festivals main prize "Buta" ( buta is the Azerbaijan national pattern). That festival was devoted to such topics like person,clothes, environment.
1. Old City 5:07
2. Days gone by 4:56
3. Gachagach 6:34
4. Mugham-Megham 15:40
5. Arabah 9:50
6. Gobustan dastany 11:44
Rain Sultanov: Soprano, Tenor saxophone, Alt flute, Keyboards,Drum Programm.
Nadir Talibov: Balaban, Zurna, Tutek
Eldar Rzakuli-zadeh: Piano, Keyboards
Siyavush Kerimi: Ud
Rauf Sultanov: Acoustic Bass, Bass Guitar
Ramin Sultanov: Zarb, Tabla, Naghara, Gosha-naghara, Djembe
Tofig Jabbarov: Percussions
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