Bread Love and Dreams - The Strange Tale of Captain Shannon and the Hunchback From Gigha (1970) MP3/Flac


"On the second album, "The Strange Tale of Captain Shannon and the Hunchback from Gigha" (1970) the group is just the duo. They had help from Dave Richmond, Danny Thompson & Terry Cox (Pentangle), Alan Trojan and Graeme Robertson. It starts, with the first side, a bit rockier, in a rather acoustic way, which has less emotional subtleness compared to the previous album. From the 3rd track on the B-side, it starts to change. "Butterflyland" starting with a spoken word introduction, it is sunnier and dreamier. "Purple Hazy Melancholy" is again a more delicate song, sung by Angie, with some classical brass arrangements and acoustic guitar. "Sing me a Song" is like an early Elly & Rikkert-like hippie happiness (influenced by flower power). Also the titletrack, by David, in a simple way, is a very long tale-to-tell in a Dylan fashion, and is nice original folk. ( review)

Basic information:
Origin: alt
Language: English
Runtime: 39:39
Genre: Psychedelic Folk
CD reissue: 2008
Quality: 192 Kbps
Official website: NA

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