Carmen Maki & Oz - Carmen Maki & Oz (1975) MP3/Flac

"With a career that spans the mid-60s right up to the present day, Carmen Maki is something of a fixture in Japanese music, though her music will be too mainstream for the majority of Japrock fans. She began as a fairly typical chanteuse before joining Shuji Terayama’s Tenjosajiki theatre company in 1968, during which time she was briefly involved with J. A. Caesar. Thereafter, Maki sung with Kazuo Takeda’s Blues Creation, releasing the imaginatively-titled LP Carmen Maki & Blues Creation. [] Maki formed the more progressively styled Oz, whose 1975 debut Carmen Maki & Oz was obviously a punt at commercial success, after which time her career became of little further interest." ( review)

Basic information:
Origin: alt
Language: Japanese
Genre: Hard/Prog Rock
CD reissue: never reissued
Quality: 192-256 Kbps (vinyl rip)
Official website:

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