David Leicht & Raymond Morin "Petrifidelity" MP3/Flac

Raymond Morin (Pairdown) said...

Hi Lizardson and THTM!

I thought your readers might be interested to know about my newest release... it's an album of acoustic guitar duets called Petrifidelity, and it's being made available in a very special, very limited edition package : a six song CD and a numbered, hand-assembled Tablature book, with both players' parts for every song.

The style lands somewhere between the British, folk-baroque sound of players like Davy Graham, Bert Jansch and Dave Evans, and the "American Primitive" style popularized by John Fahey, Peter Lang et al.

There is a webpage dedicated to the release on Work & Worry, which contains the story of the release and a sound sample :

There are only 100 of these in existence, and of those, only 60 are available for sale (fewer now that the word is getting out!) The cost is $20 shipped to anywhere in the world, and the Paypal address is rjmorin@hotmail.com.

I've attached a picture of the cover and some other incidental photography... thanks so much!

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