Another unearthed treasure from the Danish 80's underground courtesy of the same anonymous blog friend that gifted us with the Mind Pollution LP. My opinions follow, but first some factual info from our anonymous contributor about this outfit:

"The band was formed in 1980/81 by Sods/Sort Sol drummer Tomas Ortved, member of the noise/punk/experimental band No Knox Per Tuno on guitar and Danish artist/painter Peter Bonde on bass. The band recorded a jamsession in Sods' practice room and released a DIY 7" in 1981 called "Cyklon Og Anticyklon", I have never heard it, so if you ever get hold of it please send me a link.

The title of this record is short for "In And Out The Flat" which was the title of a series of different projects that Bonde and his fellow painter/poet friend Claus Carstensen worked on during the 80s, as you can see on the coverscan Carstensen also contributed to this album, along with Jill Pianna Dahl from the group Peter Og Fuglen. Ruby and Amber Atkinson is Terry Atkinson's daughters. I think Tom Jeppesen is some sort of studio technician."

You'd be forgiven for expecting some post-SPK industrial horror show from a group with a moniker like Cyklon Anticyklon, but this is anything but. Positively gregarious and nearly un-peggable, this crew were led by a punchdrunk frontman with a line of lip flap somewhere between The Cravats' Robin Dallaway and Limey Dave from Tupleo Chain Sex, while the tunes themselves are purely schizophrenic, lurching about madly across half a dozen genres and taking in everything from diseased Birthday Party-like blues-y fracture to bug eyed pop goofiness ala Gee Mr. Tracy along with some corn pone rockabilly moves and even genteel eccentricity in the mode of Pascal Comelade or Kulu Hatha Mamnua. Go figure. Better still, just listen...

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