altFreak folk before the term existed, this squirrelly and slightly unhinged character was a confrere and accomplice of my bandmate Matt Castille during the early era of Vas Deferens Organization, as well as being one of several freaky residents at the Belmont St. Dallas address where all the early VDO material was recorded. A libertine celebrant of both the acid fried and the trailer trash squalid, J. back in the day could be found throwing acid trip parties built around showing a double feature of Convoy and Urban Cowboy or coming up with strategies for "vagrant porn" magazines involving toothless winos. What the before mentioned won't clue you into however is J.'s capacity for soul nourishing and deep-in-the-pudding psych pop "knowing", a skill set exacerbated by Matt's down-the-rabbithole psychedelic production and one that glances off of both the side of Kevin Ayers heard on "Clarence In Wonderland" and elements of Skip Spence's "Oar". During this early stage of my work with VDO, my (Eric's) work together with J. was limited to the VDO side-project Jaloppy (previously posted), with Matt being the fellow twisting the knobs on this platter; one co-released by the legendary (and normally much more genre formal) psych label Rockadelic Records. Some of the shimmering sunshine-y pop psych bits that periodically bob to the surface through these wafting kosmiche heat mirages manage to glance off of the hymen of relative song structured normalcy in such a way that they wouldn't have sounded out of place amongst the Elephant 6 Collective, only to unravel into a puddle of talk-boxed Doo Rag-like acid blues and half machine lip moves with J. waxing rhapsodic about jailhouse sex.

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