The Philly Sound Get Down (Funky Philly Instrumentals) (2005) MP3/Flac

There was a time in Philadelphia when you could turn on the radio and hear one great new song after another. There was a time when a funky Philly instrumental 45 made the top ten charts at r&b stations like WDAS, WHAT and even rock stations like WIBG. There was a time in Philadelphia when you could go to the Record Museum to the 10th & Chestnut and buy the latest funky 45, instead of a low-fat mocha chai latte.
In these days of crack heads, fast food, and non-stop cell phon yacking, SUV-driving yuppies, it is really great to know that Philadelphia made some good funky music with real musicians, songwriters, producers and arrangers. Don't forget the local Philly dj's who made it all happen: Sonny Hopson, Jimmy Bishop, Butterball, Carl Helm, Joe Niagar, Jerry Blavat, Georgie Woods, Kae Williams and many, many others.
This CD is dedicated to the late Ben Krass whose legendary 9th & South Street store outfitted many of the Philly groups who appear on this compilation. Ben Krass was responsible for putting up hiw own money to start Philly record labels like Excel, Gamble and South Street. He was also an excellent soul singer, recording under the names The Boss Man, Knights & Arthur and B.K. Marcus.