Orquesta RevГ© - El Ritmo ChangГјi MP3/Flac



Let's forget about the vuvuzela's and concentrate on music instead of football for now.

I first heard the music of Orquesta RevГ© through 'La Explosion del Momento!'.

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It was released in 1989 on Peter Gabriel's Realworld label. ChangГјi is a form

of 'Cuban son', and was played only in the eastern parts of Cuba. I quote the

late Elio RevГ©, founder of this group and the one who re-invented changГјi. "I play

son-changГјi: they call me the father of changГјi - although changГјi has been around

far longer than I have. ChangГјi is a very old and traditional form...The son left the

eastern provinces and, via Havana, went around the world; but changГјi has just

stayed at home untill I took it to town and dressed it up."

On this LP we don't hear the distinctive voice of old Elio RevГ©, his son Elio jr. is

following up his father but I am not sure if he is the one we hear on this album.

It doesn't give any information on the subject so we have to guess. If you can

shine a light on the matter, please do. One way or another, although this LP has

quite a dark and sad cover, the music is a lot brighter. If anyone knows anything

about it, let us participate in that knowledge, thanks folks, listen.


1 Yo soy el changГјi

2 Yateras changГјi

3 ChangГјi morena

4 Juaniquita

5 La betea changГјi

6 Pulmeron

7 Mi ritmo changГјi

8 Conel diablilo

9 Sama

10 Rigodon

11 ChangГјi esta en la calle

12 Los Reve del changГјi lamas