Kofi Sammy and his Okukuseku Band - Bosoe Special,Ambassador MP3/Flac


Kofi Sammy, who left the K. Gyasi's Band and Water Proof, who

left E.K.'s no.1 Band, then formed the Okukuseku's No.2 Guitar

Band in 1969. After recording some 60 plates on 45 rpm, this is

their second LP. It's quality is not perfect and makes a little

jump in track 2, but still... We congratulate Ghana with reaching

the last 16 country's to appear at the world's biggest football stage.

Well done & good luck!


1 Akokohwere agya bode

- Anomaa oreko

- Medofo bra

- Mohammadu

- Obiara beko

- Yede yagoro aba

- Tonola afe

2 To wo bo ase

3 Moma yenka

4 Odo bra

5 Paapa aye ade

6 Wo mpe mea gyae me

7 Ma damfo pa wu a