Trio Madjesi - Orchestre Sosoliso,african '73, '74 MP3/Flac



Ehem.., okay, I won't keep rubbing it in. I know some of you

have it bad right now. Me, myself, I want to express my happiness

through this album with beautiful orange cover. It opens just like

I would today, I'm sorry ! What a splendid LP by Trio Madjesi and

the next piece in the big 'african' 360.000 series puzzle. No 55 is a

hell of an LP by this group of gifted musicians, it displays their

originality and variability. Congo's 70's at their vey best.

Moseka is my favourite # with them happy kids..


1 Photo Madjesi

2 Moussa photo na yo

3 Na leli mokili 1 & 2

4 Carte blanche 1 & 2

5 Mama Tshika ngai nalembi

6 Moseka

7 Cinema