Les Kilimambogo Brothers Band - Simba Africa,Gema 1984 MP3/Flac


Do you remember that fine LP by D.O. Misiani, called Benga Blast! ?

Benga is this music's name, guitar driven hot hot stuff with astonishing

rhythms. The lyrics are sung in Swahili, this group is one that holds on

to the old Kenyan values. Kakai Kilonzo and his Kilimambogo Brothers

Band are here to make you dance across the place till you drop.


1 Baba mkwe pt. 1

2 Simba Africa

3 Mongeli

4 Baba nipe mali

5 Wakumbuke wazazi

6 Kithetheesyo kimuka

7 August one

8 Shangila christmas pt. 1