Asi Kapela et Zoe Matondo - Sama-sama,Disc Orient MP3/Flac


What do we have here ? Singer Asi Kapela and Congas-player Zoe

Matondo formed this group in which we find on solo guitar, Lukeau-Jean

Julios, on rhythm guitar Lokassa K., on drums Moya Lotula Ringo,

bass guitar Manana Antoine and second bass and vocals Keletingui

Papus. I saw that only our friend at Ambiance Congo had one track

posted before, now here's the whole album. The LP gives no year of

release, just guessing, I would say mid-seventy's. If you know,..


1 Sama-sama

2 Mariane

3 Etalyo problГЁme

4 Kabibi