Various Artists - Nalingi Yo Na Motema MP3/Flac


When I made this comp of songs of the heart by Congolese artists,

I was looking for a cover and picked this one. It is part of a collage I made

for my Maori friend Tangaroa Tuane. He tattooed my back and I made

him a collage. Always nice to deal without money. Check him at his hyves-

page. . Google on 'Ta Moko' and you get an

idea of what he does. About the music, as you can see, a collection of

Congolese tracks, all sung from the heart and about the heart.


1 Docteur Nico - Nalingi yo na motema

2 Franco et le T.P. O.K. Jazz - Sukola motema olinga

3 Johny Bokelo & Orchestre Conga - Ozokisi ngai motema

4 Essous & Orchestre Bantou - Na zonga na motema

5 Dizzy MandjГ©kou - Mady motema

6 M'Bilia Bel - Motema ekopona

7 OK Jazz - Motema ya fa fa

8 Johny Bokelo & Orchestre Conga - Obebisi ngai motema

9 Nyboma - AГЇcha motema

10 OK Jazz - Motema na M.J.