African Brothers' International Band - Gyae Su,Ambassador MP3/Flac


In 1963, Paa Steel Kwame Ampadu started the eight piece African

Brothers Band. After scoring a huge hit with 'Agyanka daberemu'

in 1966, they went professional in 1967. This is the group's second

LP and must be from about 1973 when they counted 16 members.

Fantastic Ghana highlife from one of it's main performers. The LP

also contains Pachanga, Cha cha cha and such, check it out.


1 Gyae su

2 Maria

3 Mene wo nante bio

4 Ehia wo a enwu

5 Kae wo wu dam

6 Owuo nim me

7 Okunu pa, pt.1

8 Okunu pa, pt.2

9 Biribi betume yen

10 Moma yenhwehwe mu

11 Julie

12 Otan wo anya deen