"Orchestre le Peuple" "Trio Ce.Pa.Kos",PathГ© Marconi / EMI 1975 MP3/Flac


Emerged from Les Bantous de la Capitale, le Trio CePaKos ( Celio,

Pamelo and Kosmos ) co-founded this Orchestra, 'Le Peuple', the people

in 1973. Three vocalists who needed a new band while the band they left

was in need of new singers and recruited ThГ©o Blaise Kounkou, Pambou

Tchico Tchicaya and Joseph 'JosГ©' Missamou.

From 1975 to sweeten up your life.

I would like to dedicate this post to those 4 nice French

people who visited my little shop this week. You were so enthousiastic

about finding Congolese music here, enjoy it very much !


1 Lettre ouverte

2 Abetty

3 Baza

4 Limbisa ngai Massengo

5 Mama na Claudia

6 Nellya

7 Na poni peuple