Max Massengo et le Negro Band,PathГ© Marconi / EMI 1976 MP3/Flac


It is always a great feeling, searching for nice music on a record-fair,

and than finding a whole box full of rarities. This is what happened at

the last fair. A big pile of PathГ© Marconi's and Sonafric's in top quality,

changed of owner that day. You lucky bastards have no idea how

I was driving home, I can hardly wait for the next fair.

Listen to this treasure by Max Massengo and realize, this is gold.

Some more info on the subject is to be found here.


1 Masseke

2 Affairee

3 Na n'dimi mobali

4 Mokono Antoine

5 Louisa to bokolo bana

6 Tokabwana malembe

7 Bongo ya fami

8 Françoise