I just wanted to let you know... MP3/Flac

...that these DMCA takedown notifications make me, let's say, a bit unsecure. OK, I think it's very kind that I don't need to bother about deleting my posts but I usually like to decide by myself what I put out on my blog and what not. On the other hand I should be very happy that I've make some friends, in this case a service called "Chilling Effects Clearinghouse". These guys make me sure that I'm not alone in this world (sounds funny for someone with a wife and 3 children?). That's one of the reasons why I haven't post anything the last few weeks. The main reason for stop posting is that I've bury myself into my other blog, the European Discography Page where I've recently post two compilations of the Belgium Beat/Garage/Psych scene between 1964 and 1973. It's a project that I just prefer right now. That doesn't mean that "Faintly Blowing" is dead but put off indefinitely.