Live Recording: Mark Lanegan - Seattle 5th Avenue Theater, July 28 1995 MP3/Flac

Well, today is a pretty special day for Ritual Room (and a pretty uneventful day for the rest of the world)... our first birthday! Since today is July 28th, here's a cool live Mark Lanegan recording from July 28th 1995 when he opened for Johnny Cash. I'm not sure exactly who to thank for this recording, but it has some killer tracks so enjoy - maybe on our second birthday I'll post something even more mindblowing. ...Maybe that comment was just to entice you to keep reading.

1. Carnival
2. House a Home
3. Ugly Sunday
4. Winding Sheet
5. Undertow
6. She's Not For You
8. Mockingbirds
9. Go Your Way, My Love
10. Borracho

[center]DL: "Mark Lanegan Live At Seattle 5th Avenue Theater 1995"