Rush - 2010-07-23 - Saratoga Springs, NY (FLAC) MP3/Flac

(Audience FLAC)

CEddy Source Audience Recording: Sony ECM-717 mic > Sony MZ-RH10 Minidisc Master. Location: Section 10, Row EE, Seat 17

CEddy Source Notes: This is a lively audience recording from inside the pavilion, from Geddy's side on the right. This source captures a Rush audience in all it's glory; with clapping, screaming, singing, and minor commentary asides. There is some minor phasing from people passing in front of the microphone. This was the best performance I've ever seen the band give in person, and hope that the recording bears this out. I've been a Rush fan for around 30 years, and feel that this period might just be the apex of their career. Please support the band, buy their releases and see their shows. This recording is shared freely for trade, and should NEVER be bought or sold. Thanks to all of the tapers and seeders that have shared the 2010 tour so far!

Set One
01. Introduction Video - Rash: The Real History of Rush Episode No. 2 "Don't Be Rash"
02. The Spirit of Radio
03. Time Stand Still
04. Presto
05. Stick It Out
06. Workin' Them Angels
07. Leave That Thing Alone
08. Faithless
09. BU2B
10. Freewill
11. Marathon
12. Subdivisions

Set Two
01. Introduction Video - Rash: The Real History of Rush Episode No. 1
02. Tom Sawyer
03. Red Barchetta
04. YYZ
05. Limelight
06. The Camera Eye
07. Witch Hunt
08. Vital Signs
09. Caravan
10. Drum Solo (Love 4 Sale)
11. Alex Lifeson Solo >
12. Closer to the Heart
13. 2112 Overture/Temples of Syrinx
14. Far Cry
15. La Villa Strangiato (Polka intro) [Encore]
16. Working Man (Reggae intro) [Encore]
17. Closing Video - I Still Love You, Man

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