Solid Base - Greatest Hits (2CD)+(DVD) MP3/Flac

Solid Base - Greatest Hits (2CD)+(DVD) Solid Base - Greatest Hits

Label:Remixed Records
CD, Album
Electronic, Hip Hop, Pop, Reggae
Euro House

CD.1 Come'N Get Me 3:49
CD.2 Sunny Holiday 3:40
CD.3 Mirror Mirror 3:19
CD.4 Sha La Long 3:26
CD.5 This Is How We Do It 3:27
CD.6 Push It 3:19
CD.7 Ticket To Fly 3:13
CD.8 You Never Know 2:29
CD.9 Katie 3:54
CD.10 I Like It 3:28
CD.11 Fly To Be Free 3:23
CD.12 Let It All Be Sunshine 3:33
CD.13 Once You Pop (You Can't Stop) 3:19
CD.14 Come On Everybody 3:56
CD.15 In Your Dreams 3:50
CD.16 Together 3:36
CD.17 U Won't Forget Me 3:46
CD.18 Fantasy 3:39
CD.19 You And Me 3:38
CD.20 Hold On 3:54
DVD.1 You Never Know
DVD.2 Sunny Holiday
DVD.3 Come On And Get Me
DVD.4 Ticket To Fly
DVD.5 Once You Pop
DVD.6 This Is How We Do It
DVD.7 Sha La Long
DVD.8 I Like It
DVD.9 Come'n Get Me(Extended Version)

FORMAT 2CD :: MP3 / Stereo / 320 Kbps / VBR new /q=0

FORMAT DVD :: AVI : -Video: MPEG 4(Xvid)720x576 / FPS 24 / 1600 kbps /
-Audio: MP3 - 320 kbps