Modern Talking - Greatest Hits'99 (1999) MP3/Flac

Modern Talking - Greatest Hits'99  (1999)

Artist: Modern Talking
Album: Greatest Hits'99
Country : Germany
Released: 1999
Genre: Electronic
Style: Disco
Hi-Fi Quality: 192Kbit/s
Size: 107Mb
Covers: Yes


01. You Are Not Alone (new album version'99)
02. We Take The Chance (france'98 football cup there)
03. Can't Get Enough (new album version'99)
04. Brother Louie Mix'98 Feat. Eric Singleton (radio edit)
05. Sexy,Sexy Lover (new album version'99)
06. You're My Heart, You're My Soul Feat. Eric Singleton (mix'98)
07. I Can't Give You More (new album version'99)
08. Cheri Cheri Lady (Version'98)
09. Rouge Et Nair (new album version'99)
10. Jet Airliner (Version'98)
11. Taxi Girl (new album version'99)
12. Geronimo's Cadillac (Version'98)
13. Don't Let Me Go (new radio version'99)
14. Ladi Lai (version'98)
15. You Can Win If You Want (Version'98)
16. Just Close Your Eyes (new album version'99)
17. For Always And Ever (new album version'99)

Bonus Traxx

18.You Are Not Alone Feat. Eric Singleton (single video version'99)
19.You Are Not Alone Feat. Eric Singleton (single club remix'99)
20.Space Mix Feat. Eric Singleton (single version'99)

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