alt01. Bawlin' Baby
02. Honky Tonk Jelly Roll Blues
03. Give Me Back My Picture
04. Devilish Lovelight
05. I'll Fill A Drunkard's Grave #1
06. Go And Wash Those Dirty Feet #1
07. Egg Money
08. It's A Long Rocky Road
09. Banks Of The Beautiful Nile
10. In My Home In Shelby County
11. Talk, Gobbler, Talk
12. Confusion
13. First Train Headin' South
14. Go And Wash Those Dirty Feet #2
15. I'm A Fishin' Man
16. I'll Fill A Drunkard's Grave #2
17. Blue Eyes You Turned Me Blue
18. Aggravating Love
19. My Love Keeps Traveling On
20. Is My Heart Just A Toy?
21. It's All Wrong
22. Send Me Your Love In A Letter
23. Can't Get Rid Of The Memory
24.The Blue Of Your Heart Is Dying
25. Faded Roses
26. The Old Spanish Waltz
27. Strange Affection
28. Blues In The Blue Of The Night
29. Baby I'm Taking A Ride
30. Rollin' On
31. Somebody's Rockin' My Broken Heart
32. The Way She Said I Love You
33. Who Will You Cry To Then
34. Broke
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