Dom Navarra – Search 2 Find The Real MP3/Flac

Dom Navarra – Search 2 Find The Real
Artist: Dom Navarra
Title: Search 2 Find The Real
Label: Slip n Slide
Cat.#: SLIPDCD907
Genre: Electronic
Style: House
Rip Date: 4 June 2010
Quality: 320 Kbps avg
Size: ~178 mb (RAR)
Recovery Records: yes
Type: Album
Track: 14
Play Time: 1:26:26

01.Dom Navarra - All Around The World (Feat. Arnold Jarvis) 06:23
02.Dom Navarra - Into My Life (Feat. Natasha Watts) 06:29
03.Dom Navarra - Fall Right Through My Hands (Feat. Justin Figueroa) 07:21
04.Dom Navarra - Play Me (Feat. Rainy Payne) 04:52
05.Dom Navarra - Circles (Feat. Antonio Navarra) 05:19
06.Dom Navarra - You (Feat. Lady Bird) 06:14
07.Dom Navarra - True Love (Feat. Monique Henry) 07:31
08.Dom Navarra - Search 2 Find The Real (Feat. Antonio Navarra) 05:27
09.Dom Navarra - Without You (Feat. Laura Williams) 04:44
10.Dom Navarra - Paradise (Feat. Antonio Navarra) 06:24
11.Dom Navarra - Ebony Rose (Feat. Nathan Clifford) 10:11
12.Dom Navarra - Bye Bye Love (Feat. Monique Henry & Nathan Clifford) 07:08
13.Dom Navarra - Never Give Away My Love (Feat. Antonio Navarra) 02:10
14.Dom Navarra - Take Me Away (Feat. Laura Williams) 06:40

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