Made In Sweden - 1969 - Snakes in a Hole MP3/Flac

Made In Sweden - 1969 - Snakes in a Hole

genre: prog
country: sweden
quality : lossless (separate flac, cue, log, scans)
time: 49'04"
size: 305 mb
issue: 2005 remaster

from Gibraltar :
Essential band! They where a trio, Georg Wadenius on guitar and vocals , Bo Haeggstroem on bass and Tommy Borgudd on drums. On their first 4 LPs they made really great Jazzrock, with strong bass and vocals. Their fourth Mad River (it was also published under the name Made in England) is a real masterpiece of Scandinavian prog. I could only think of the best recordings of Burnin Red Ivanhoe or Wigwam when listening to this one. Its amazing what unusual sounds and feels that group can get into, and how full a sound they are able to get from what is basically a trio. Definitely a must, quite unique, i don't know something to compare it with!! The last one was some kind of a second start (from the original lineup there is only Wadenius here) and Pekka Pohjola of Wigwam joined in. Here you find fusion ala Brand X, but not that impressive. Recommended are the first three, highly recomed is Mad River! — Achim Breiling
The music isn't to be compared to their other releases but still, I wish that kind of music had been on the TV I watched as a kid! For anyone that really likes Made in Sweden's records it is a must have! — Micke R.

01 - Snakes In A Hole 4:39
02 - Lay, Lady, Lay 4:43
03 - Discotheque People 6:10
04 - Give Me Whisky 4:22
05 - Kristallen Den Grymma 4:53
06 - Little Cloud 3:44
07 - Big Cloud 3:02
08 - Roundabout (Live) 6:19
09 - Ramses The 3rd (Live) 4:52
10 - The Worlds Of Mushroom Gardens (Live) 6:19

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