World Muzic from Space Vol.8 MP3/Flac


01.Brayan Master Mix - Kosmic Love (SpaceSynth)
02.Galaxy Hunter - Everything Counts
03.Cliff Wedge - Go go yelow screen
05.Digimax - Fading memories(SpaceSynth version)
06.Ernesto -Starship
07.Johan Koskela - Cosmic ray
08.Koto - Dragon's legend
09.Laserdance - Excitation
10.Marcel De Van - Day of dreams
11.Michael van der Kuy & Alisha Baker-Be with you
12.Rygar - Space Raiders(Fan Cover)
13.Spiral - Mars Invaders (Org. by Laserdance)
14.Stive Morgan - I LIKE CHOPIN (New Instrumental Version)
15.Tom Lacy - Sonicwaves(alien remix)