Californians - 8 Singles [60ties] MP3/Flac

A major Wolverhampton group of the 60’s, The Californians came together in May 1966 as a product of a change in the Sheila Deni & Black Diamonds (she left to go solo). The original Californians comprised the remaining members of the Black Diamonds, Roger Clark lead, Pete Habberley bass and Keith Evans on drums, with John O’Hara as lead vocalist. Later members included Mick Brookes (from the Cobras) who took Roger Clarke’s place, Rob Trevis (from Choice) who replaced Keith Evans, both played the drums standing up which at that time was unheard off. Adrian Ingram (Choice, Gilt Edge, Evolution) who became an extra guitarist and Geoff Parkes (Mathew) who replaced John O’Hara as vocalist. The style of the group was close harmony. The Californians traveled extensively around the UK and the Channel Islands. Because of their Beach Boy/Four Seasons style, The Californians were found performing at all the USAF air bases throughout the UK.

Their first release on Decca was called Golden Apples, other titles included Follow Me, Congratulations, Sunday Will Never Be The Same. Then a label change to Fontana with Mandy, Sad Old Song and the last label change Chapter One records came a slowed down version of the Fortunes’ classic You’ve Got Your Troubles’. All records produced by Irving Martin. While they never reached the Top Twenty, their records sold well, they toured extensively and made a large number of appearances on all the popular Radio One Shows both recorded and live. []

Track list;
01 Golden Apples [cbs 2663, 1967]. 2:14
02 Little Ship With A Red Sail [cbs 2663, 1967]. 2:54
03 Early Morning Sun [chapter one ch112, 1969]. 2:41
04 You've Got Your Troubles [chapter one ch112, 1969]. 3:18
05 Follow Me [decca f12678, 1967]. 3:02
06 What Love Can Do [decca f12678, 1967]. 2:56
07 Can't Get You Out Of My Mind [decca f12712, 1967]. 2:04
08 Sunday Will Never Be The Same [decca f12712, 1967]. 2:37
09 Congratulations [decca f12758, 1968]. 3:06
10 What Is Happy Baby [decca f12758, 1968]. 2:41
11 Out In The Sun [decca f12802, 1968]. 2:15
12 The Sound [decca f12802, 1968]. 3:01
13 Nothing Changes. 3:37
14 Sad Old Song [fontana tf1052, 1969]. 2:43
15 Weep No More [fontana tf1052, 1969]. 2:42
16 Mandy [fontana tf991, 1969]. 2:45
17 The Cooks Of Cake And Kindness [fontana tf991, 1969]. 2:41
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