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Up, up to the sky

Up, up to the sky

Oldies Gold-ies Medley
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I still remember the day when I discovered this record that became my most admired library record for years. I was listening my way through a huge stack of libraries at my favourite record shop for hours. Among them a bunch of these UBM LPs that I never really saw before. I think there were about 10 of them and it was "hard work" as most of these were not at all my cup of tea. Skip, skip, skip. This one record here raised my interest because I read Manfred Schoof's name on the back as well as Rainer BrГјninghaus whom I knew and admired for his keyboard work on some of Volker Kriegel's LPs. When the needle hit the groove the frustration (due to hours of only little listening pleasure) was gone immediately. Very nice! First track "Skyracer"- discoish jazz with a spatial feel... cool. "Neon" - yes, better than okay. And then the sweet "XY Patrol" totally hit me. I have a soft spot for that kind of drumming and my eyes really got wet from listening. Slightly ashamed I looked up to see if the shop-owner was aware of my intense feelings....phew! I think I heard it on repeat (1:45 is not enough) for a couple of times before I got into "Spaceflight". Man- This is it! Six and a half minutes of fantastic Spacedisco-jazz with emotional guitar solos and all that. I've never heard that kind of music on a library record before..... Months later at home I listened to the B-Side for the first time and really liked that too. No disco but beautiful melodies and a blissful spanish guitar. Enough words - have fun with this one! (link follows)
Cheers, Basso
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The album code is : ODI159956