BPM's Italo/Euro Disco Journey Version 1 MP3/Flac

BPM's Italo/Euro Disco Journey Version 1 Artist: BPM
Label: Odimusic Country:USA
Style: Italo/Euro Disco
Size: 82.9MB Time: 1:00:22 MIX 1


1. Intro (Back To The Future sound clip)
2. You're my love, you're my life (Patty Ryan)
3. Pretty young girl (Bad Boys Blue)
4. Badiera la playa del sol (Del Faro)
5. Swiss boy (Lou Sern)
6. Hey hey guy (Ken Laszlo)
7. Diamond in the night (Felli)
8. I wish (Bolero)
9. Slice me nice (Fancy)
10. I'll find the way (Roger Meno)
11. In your eyes (Reeds)
12. One more time (Max Coveri)
13. Secret eyes (L'affair)
14. Help me through the summer (Neil Smith)
15. You're my heart, you're my soul (Modern Talking)
16. Only you can (Kelly Brown)
17. Feel it (Double Date)
18. Belgian girl (Trillion)
19. The fire of love (Gentle Touch)
20. What my heart wanna say (Roger Meno)
21. Run to the sun (Max Coveri)
22. Pretty face (Styloo)
23. Tonight (Ken Laszlo)
24. Touch by touch (Joy)