The Beatles - Three and a Bird MP3/Flac

OK, here we go. The album the Beatles could've/should've made--but didn't--around the time of Anthology (mid-90s).

Supposedly, the white peacock just wandered into the picture. Lennon? Probably not . . . but it gave it a cover and a possibly bad pun for a title:

1. Real Love
2. When We Was Fab (George, with Ringo on drums)
3. What in the World (Ringo, with Paul on bass and backing vocals)
4. Somedays (Paul, orchestrated by George Martin)
5. Any Road (George)
6. Flaming Pie (Paul)
7. The Rising Sun (George)
8. Now and Then (John demo; fan-created outfake)
9. The World Tonight (Paul)
10. Devil's Radio (George, with Ringo; Clapton lead guitar)
11. Help Me To Help Myself (John demo; fan-created outfake)
12. King of Broken Hearts (Ringo, with George on guitar and possibly backing vocals)
13. Beautiful Night (Paul, with Ringo on drums and backing vocals)
14. Free as a Bird

The last four songs are run together as an Abbey Road-like medley. If you want. If not, well, they're just individual songs.

Included are two hidden tracks (or three, depending on how you count), plus some Beatle chatter/muttering/snippets between some of the songs. You'll have to download it if you want to know.

One of the outfakes has George Martin orchestration. And they all sound enough like the Beatles that they fit with Real Love and Free As A Bird.

Now and Then is allegedly the third Lennon demo they worked on for Anthology. Recent reports are that McCartney has finished the track and wants to release it as the last Beatles song. So maybe, someday . . .