Lou Reed - 1977-05-01 - Groningen, NL MP3/Flac

(Incomplete soundboard mp3@320)

Lou Reed: guitar, vocals
Jeffrey Roth: guitar
Michael Fonfara: keyboards
Bruce Yaw: bass
Marty Fogel: saxophone
Michael Suchorsky: drums

01 - Dirt - Oh Jim (14:43)
02 - Better Get Up And Dance (4:36)
03 - Shooting Star (5:14)
04 - Such A Pretty Face (5:03)
05 - Real Good Time Together (3:53)
06 - Gimmie Some Good Times (4:37)
07 - Affirmative Action (12:56)

Playlist length:
51 minutes 2 seconds


The setlists for these early 1977 concerts were among the most varied of Lou's career. Although the shows were ostensibly to promote "Rock And Roll Heart", they didn't usually feature many songs from that LP. In reality, Lou was trying out the ideas and songs which would eventually form "Street Hassle". Of the songs on this (incomplete?) recording from Groningen, "Better Get Up And Dance" and "Affirmative Action (PO #99)" would subsequently be abandoned completely. "Such A Pretty Face" would eventually mutate into "Wait": it would later appear on the "Street Hassle" LP along with "Shooting Star", "Real Good Time Together" and "Gimmie Some Good Times". Lou would never be so unpredictable again!