Zeitlose Eleganz MP3/Flac


Please allow me to do some advertising! I really need to ...... because I was so damn blasted when hearing one the tracks of aka Detlef Weinrich (of Kreidler fame) that I had to check out the whole thing on . That lead to a whole working day of these tunes on repeat : ) What a sweet day. Lowtrax manages to combine the timeless beauty of minimal synth with afrodisco and some lovely kraut. The outcome is fantastic. And not only from the collector's point of view. (You'd have to buy a whole bunch of diffferent and probably all expensive early 80s LPs to get close to the quality of this release.) This is deep and danceable, pure and not pathetic and (enough of those stupid alliterations) a powerful contender for my album of the year. Go out and buy this as long as there are copies!

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