Tom Phillips & Gavin Bryars - Irma [1978, Vinyl] MP3/Flac

Irma - An Opera 1977Obscure 9 (later Editions EG EGED29) LP only
An opera by Tom Phillips, Music by Gavin Bryars, Libretto by Fred Orton
Ensemble directed by Gavin Bryars (string section is the 8-part 'new violin family')

Sorry but not my cup of tea but a request is a request…

Track list according to discogs, must warn you that it’s an album-wrap

Track list;
01 Introduction
02 Overture And Aria : "I Tell You That's Irma Herself"
03 First Interlude
04 Aria: "Irma You Will Be Mine"
05 Second Interlude
06 Chorus: "Love Is Help Mate"
07 Postlude

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