Nick Colionne: No Limits (2008) MP3/Flac

Nick Colionne combines Jazz with Rhythm, Blues and Funk.The title of guitarist/vocalist Nick Colionne's first release for KOCH Records tells the whole story. Nick's previous CDs have focused on his love of jazz, but the unmistakable presence of multiple styles of music has always been there. This time around, Nick brings it all up front. The mix of tunes on "No Limits" is a true reflection of the full artist, including more vocals, in response to the many fans who are delighted with his rich baritone voice in concert and constantly ask why he hasn't sung more on his CDs! Two of those vocals, 'Hard Line' and 'Melting Into You' are co-written with the legendary Jim Peterik, of Survivor and Ides Of March fame, who has penned the Top Ten pop classics 'Eye Of The Tiger' and 'Vehicle.' For the first time, 'No Limits' blends all the music Nick Colionne loves best. You're as likely to hear this native of Chicago's West Side sing the blues as you are to hear his blazing jazz licks; and there's no mistaking the R&B/funk influence from his early years of touring with the Staples Singers. A disciple of the pop/soul/jazz immortals Wes Montgomery and George Benson, Nick has put together a collection that evokes the finest efforts of those two masters, smooth yet street-wise and always deep in the pocket.
1. No Limits 3:38
2. Stepping Back 4:06
3. The Big Windy Cat 3:55
4. Melting Into You 4:57
5. Until Tonight 3:42
6. Hard Line 4:26
7. Ports Of Call 4:26
8. On The Edge 3:49
9. Wes Before Dawn 4:33
10. Take A Walk With Me 3:47
11. Godfather J 4:02
12. Anyway (instrumental) 4:21
13. Anyway (vocal) 4:20
No Limitsalt
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