Various - Only Way MP3/Flac

Nice international compilation cassette on Clockwork Tapes, the label of Michael Wurzer, who is active in Kopfschmerztablette. Most bands are well know but there are a few exceptions. Kiew-Aspirin-N are Michael Wurzer and Eva Wieland. Ambulatorio Segreto is a Spanish/German/Italian  collaboration between Miguel A. Ruiz, Siegmar Fricke and Stefano Barban. Value Stress are Andreas Nagl and GГјnter Schroth. The music is a mixture of Abstract, Industrial, Experimental and Ambient. Only Way was released as a cassette by Clockwork Tapes in 19?.

  1. Tesendalo - Kindheitstraum 
  2. Blackhumor - No Lust For The Wicked
  3. Kiew-Aspirin-N - Dad Gone It
  4. Kopfschmerztablette - Dead In Only Way
  5. Ambulatorio Segreto - Some Time Ago
  6. Ambulatorio Segreto - The Anonymous Girl
  7. Berserker - Einbahnstrasse
  8. B.Mackechnie & C.Marion III - Reptilicus Goes Shopping
  9. Stefano Biasi - Untitled
  10. Der Pilz - Untitled
  11. Merz - Untitled
  12. Value Stress - Rote Schilder
  13. Die Rache - Ewigkeit

(Tracks 5 &  6 are recorded together)

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