African Brothers Dance Band ( International ) -Led by Paa Steel Ampadu,Happy Bird 1970 MP3/Flac




Dear friends of the Global Groove, on the sixth of may this page

celebrates it's second birthday. Tonight I'm going to stay online

and post us a couple of killer albums. First to go is this joyful LP.

Quoting the backsleeve;"..the African Brothers have recorded 56

plates on the 45 rpm and this their first Long Play." Historic material

to accompany a moment like this. To all of you loyal visitors, a happy

day, have some of this sweet birthday pie and do a little dance.


1 Ena eye a mane me

2 Ebi te yie

3 Abusua nnye asafo

4 Mmobrowa

5 Ofie nwansena

6 Hini me

7 Seantie

8 San behwe wo mma

9 Me nyame wp pennye ho

10 Oyonko brebo