Pacheco - El Maestro,Fania 1975 MP3/Flac


A classic Johnny Pacheco from 1975, El Maestro,

with Hector Casanova as vocalist. Fania Records was

the leader in salsa in the seventies and Johnny Pacheco their

orchestral leader. They were a source of inspiration to loads

of salsa artists thru time. The slice of vinyl is very thin but

the sound on it, fat fatter fattest..


1 Las muchachas

2 Guaguanco pa'l que sabe

3 Simani

4 El chivo

5 Hoy como ayer

6 Pretame los guantes

7 Yo quiero una mujer

8 El faisan

9 Yo no parlevu France ( je ne parle pas Français )

10 Mango mangГјe